The Big Data Game is a serious game set around a fictional Data-Driven Innovation.

Players will design a Data Driven Innovation (DDI), and will compete or collaborate doing so. It’s a serious game, so people learn something while playing it. It helps players understand the ‘business ecosystem’ around data-driven innovations.

Slide3 Why a Big Data Game?

Slide8 How does it work?

Slide9 Who is the intended audience?

Slide6 What do you learn?

cropped-Slide2.jpg Play it yourself?

The rising availability of large datasets, including the tools and methods to extract meaningful results from it, has spurred the creation of a new category of innovations that make use of this. These are called ‘Data Driven Innovations’ (DDI): new services or products that rely for a very large part on the acquisition, storage and analysis of data. As this seems to be an opportunity for many, but only few can start, or know where to start. Get out of the buzz and into action is needed to get some real value from DDI.