The Big Data Game is set around a fictional Data-Driven Innovation, placed in a sector that everybody knows, but where probably no participant will have relevant business domain knowledge – so everybody is on the same page when the game starts. Players will design a Data Driven Innovation (DDI), and will compete or collaborate doing so. The game helps players understand the ‘business ecosystem’ around data-driven innovations.

The Big Data Game is a board game, no computer is needed to play the game, which keeps the focus in the group and on the table.

The game is played in six rounds and in each round players can do several actions based on their role. Depending on the actions they take each player generates value. The player that has generated the most value at the end of the game wins.

Here we list the most important game materials to give an idea of how it is played:

  • Game board: in the center of the table there is game board on which the (shared) data driven innovations can be developed.
  • Innovations: Players can choose to develop on of the six different innovations that have been defined for them.
  • Assets: each player receives an asset tree on which the elements needed for a data driven innovation are displayed, such as data, algorithms, visualisations, business case, etc. These assets can be used to implement in innovations on the game board.
  • News and events: in each round news is published and events take place.

Getting curious about how it really works? Have a look at our creative commons license, or participate in a game session or train the trainer session!